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    L.A. Coliseum

    Matt Kivel

    You and I were 23
    Two fighters at the edge of the ring
    We watched from the coliseum stands
    One man hurting another man

    Blood sprayed into the front row
    But we were way up high
    At the top of the stadium
    Laughing and drinking beer
    You sat next to me
    Put your hand occasionally on my back
    And then you told me about your life
    And boys you've been with

    Take all the courage you have
    To say what you want to say
    Even if the result is bad
    Don't lie if you can
    But the night got away
    The conversation strayed
    At the end of an ordinary day
    I was left wondering
    What it's like to sleep next to you
    What it's like to watch you die
    What it's like to feel love from you
    What it could've been like to touch you
    Or just have tried

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