Twin Pumpkin

Twin Pumpkin

Cidade/EstadoTaubaté / SP

Hello, My Name Is Twin Pumpkin

Composição: Izzy Castro.
May I never be complete, may I never be content, may I never be perfect Cold enough to know what's on your mind If I could reach your faith, I'll redefine the line And baby I am fighting on your side, you see I'm ready, letting, melting all the powers that be Claustrophobic, yes indeed I really need some words to make you just believe Our future's nearly bright, heart's at ecstasy Come on my future baby take this dance with me I'm in need And all we are is just a frame A spark to make the fuses wake We are, by far, most innovative The needing in our lives pass by A fraud in some misconception, clinically under correction Fill the room with skeletons The feeling of regret is worst than never falling back to see the Day of doomsday on our chest And all we do is pacify, and all we do is pacify! And all we are is just frame A spark to make our fuses ache And all we do is testify The needing in our lives pass by So come with me and take my hand I'll guide you through this broken land Filled with skeletons and bones Get ready, here comes the boom!




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