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Cidade/EstadoRibeirão Preto / SP

Neon Love

Composição: AMESLARI

We dreamed of all that we could have We could face anything that life could throw at us But in no time it was dead Just like a neon sign that flickers out Was it only my fault or are you to blame as well? Could we have tried harder or was it better just to end? [Chorus] Love, We did everything we could But it just wasn’t enough We just flickered out It was neon love It was perfect at the start But at some point the bomb went off and we were done I wonder what lit the fuse… But I guess it doesn’t matter now, let’s just move on Love isn’t meant to be understood It’s just meant to be felt And there’s nothing we can do about it anyway (so) [Chorus] [Solos] [Chorus]




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