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Cidade/EstadoRibeirão Preto / SP


Composição: AMESLARI

Surviving isn’t living Adjust your clock, you’re running out of time Find your future in the closet, Leave your past behind the sofa You’ve had it with your clothes, You’ve had it with your hair You are getting sick of lazing You need to move before it’s too late And you know it isn’t easy to change your way of life But you know that it is just the thing you need [Chorus] So go and do what you’ve got to do It will take time, but you know that it’s all worth it And you can’t think twice, Just start off and don’t look back For what’s gone is gone, Focus on the road ahead There’s nothing left to stop you You’ve got the whole world ahead of you So go out and be amazing, Whatever way you can And you know it isn’t easy, but it will pay off in the end You’ll see you had it in you all along [Chorus]




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