Imagem de capa de Angster


Cidade/EstadoBelo Horizonte / MG


Composição: Iago Martins

My birth is just a mystery, I am the perfect soldier I'll fight until the end against all evil things My name is honoring me, I have the metal power Thrust in all words I say, your crimes you'll have to pay! My life means everything, this is the real reason I'm here to help the poor, I'm here to save the weak! Let's fight behind the gates, I will break all the system Hear me when I am screaming, this my way to beat you! You have to call my name, let's make a deal I will not eat your soul, let me be your hero! I am the hero of the souls, my name is Angster I'm not a god but I'm immortal like the demons For all the reasons that I live there is no back point Praise all the goodness in me! This world is killing me, I'm trying that so hard! You are so far away, I'm on my way to reach you Hold on, I will take your hands, you'll never be alone Believe in me, I know, you're feeling sick with this! My intentions are all good, this is what means my name I have unbrokable heart, I have this endless will Forever bringing peace, it's all about my mission Your life have meanings too, and you'll discover now! I don't give up, this my power Try to hit me and you will just hit yourself I can handle this, I have the gods wish Move forward and never surender!




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