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Cidade/EstadoBelo Horizonte / MG

Night Ghost

Composição: Iago Martins

To the war, from the grave and the shadows There's a beast in this terrible place See the ghost of the flaming destroyer He will fight in this magical fields! Legendary desire of power Golden weapons and secret creation Giant beast of the barbarian mountain He comes out from the shadows of pain! Walking in to the darkness The great soul slayer! Night Ghost is breaking the walls Chasing targets Everything remains like before now Try to kill him on the shadows Show your fist Everyone is trying to beat him! The creation was made for the darkness Raining blood in this fantasy light Let the fury deceiving the worthless You can show all the power you need! Calling home like a simple desire All the brave and the strong cry your tears This is all dominations of demons You can fight for your freedom right now! Night ghost, fate for the choosen one Sounds of the mountains of suffering Lost beast Flaming body Some creatures live in this mountain And allways had some stalkers watching The giant ghost Destroyer soul! Watch this war, fly again Bring this fight to the gods I'm a soldier in the name of heavens! Oooh!




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