Imagem de capa de Arthica


EstiloPop Rock
Cidade/EstadoBetim / MG


Composição: Arthica

She never sees how i'm feeling And always says it doesn't matter But she doesn't know how it hurts. And i don't know why i still love her. Everyday i wake up she's by my side. But she's never there entirely Her blond hair with sin's smell Make me go to the hell. Oh sophie why do you do it to me? You are so important to me. Someday i'll give up on you. And show that my love is true. I did all that i could To keep my love lighted Much more than i should To do things right. For many nights I've cried before sleep. And the tears on my pillow Made me feel like a widower. Sophie, where you are now? Today i'm here to say, it's over. That's enough for one heart And i'm not afraid. Bye,bye sophie This is my farewell I'm going to the heaven And you are going to the hell Oh dear sophie this is my farewell I'm going to my heaven




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