Cachorro Doido

Cachorro Doido

EstiloPop Rock
Cidade/EstadoCuiabá / MT

Anything Good

Composição: Cachorro Doido

Rollin´ in my car, just my soul and me. Goin´ to nowhere, another place to see. Lookin´ for a new world, just a place to be. Lookin´ for a way to live, to only find the sky and me. Refrão 2x Nothing´s good enough for me, And there ain´t anything to see Dogs howl at the moon, men walk through the streets. Lonely as i´ve ever been, where´s you´re light for me? Rain is falling while angels cry, as they watch our world. Only you can save us all, yes it is, yes it is absurd. Refrão 2x (solo) Refrão 2x …anything´s good…come on baby, gimme what you want…




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