Cachorro Doido

Cachorro Doido

EstiloPop Rock
Cidade/EstadoCuiabá / MT


Composição: Cachorro Doido

Palestine Cachorro Doido Mama can I go to the park and play with my friends, it´s such a beautiful day. You tell me that I can´t ´cause they´re out there, with nothing left to say… Cause I remember the day that a schoolboy lost his life in a senseless way, Shot down for throwin´a rock…why is it so easy… (Refrão) I´ll show a place where angels cry I´ll take you to Palestine (2x) (age 10) Mama can we go to my grandma´s, I´ve got our permits to go. You say that we can´t she´s homeless now, They took her house to the floor And then you ask me to pray, To thank God she´s alive, It´s hard to grow up Where everyone is born to die… (for every Israeli killed in the Occupied Territories Ten Palestinians are murdered Is the life of a Plestinian less worthy than a jew? Why is it that some people don´t have a home And have to die to have a place to call theirs) Refrão Mama, I´m goin to meet you again soon ´cause heaven´s waitin´for me I hope to take some of them with me, ´cause I´m not goin´for free My ticket´s wraped to my chest As walk to the bar, and order a coke I see two soldiers walk in, I guess it´s time go… Refrão 2x




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