Cachorro Doido

Cachorro Doido

EstiloPop Rock
Cidade/EstadoCuiabá / MT


Composição: Cachorro Doido

Another empty day, the sound of gunfire wakes me from my bed. It´s time to fight to stay alive I put on my uniform as I remember all the lives I´ve put to end We´ve come to set you free Just leave the medal on my tombstone, ´cause I can´t wear it now. I fought for all that´s right But I died in the name of greed Tell me, what now? I have my breakfast just as usual And hear the TV´s sound, the man in charge is saying How we´re brave, and all the reasons why we´re here As if I can´t remember, that the reasons were not real Refrão 2x I wear my helmet, just before the blast I´ll have to break my promise, cause I´m not going home. I can fly, my wings can take me high to a place of peace Where no one kill those who disagree. Refrão 2x




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