Cachorro Doido

Cachorro Doido

EstiloPop Rock
Cidade/EstadoCuiabá / MT

Walking the Path

Composição: Cachorro Doido

It´s funny how some things in life go by without a second thought It´s hard to see ahead when you´re head´s down don´t you think you better stop We walk the path that´s set before us without even asking why Our feet upon the earth, but our eyes are always looking for the sky To the sky… Refrão I will walk, With my hands untied Right beside you till the day turns into night Looking forward with my arms stretched reaching high And if I stumble I will look behind to see What took me down to learn to be what I should be Our past is what we have, keep that rearviewmirror open in you´re mind To see you´re errors and evolve from them, don´t be foolish, don´t be blind The pot of gold is at the end of the rainbow, it´s our only prize To find it we must learn to see the colours in the pale blue sky… …pale blue sky… (Refrão) And if you cry I will be there to hold you too, Cause you´re the one that walks beside me when I´m blue




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