Cachorro Doido

Cachorro Doido

EstiloPop Rock
Cidade/EstadoCuiabá / MT

You and I

Composição: Cachorro Doido

It´s not a dream ´cause when I wake up you´re still there I will protect you through the night, and when you need me I´ll be there Some hours ago the greatest feeling came to life, I am the one that makes you shiver, I´m the one that gives you light Refrão Yeah baby you´re everything I´ve got And mama you´re all I ever need You are the thunder in my storm That wakes me up and sets me free You took my life to keep it cherished in you´re heart I am the one that dwells inside you, I will never be apart You are my lover, you´re the one that makes me feel You are the sunrise in my daylight, You´re unbelievable and real Refrão Solo Refrão 2x




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