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Cidade/EstadoRio de Janeiro / RJ

Confessions Of A Sad Man - Acoustic

Composição: Raphael Matheus de Paula Barbara, Victor Cabral de Lima Fonseca, Bruno Cabral de Lima Fonseca

Deep in the shell I've created my whole life Hiding from the world That I wanted to be part It was just not an escape It's the way that I survived Struggling to meet others Struggling to be fine My fear controlled me My fear made me stop My fear got rid Of the love I've ever got Pain, anguish, and tears It's how my days passed by And after all those years I still don't know why Perfect things Perfect life There was no reason There was no sign The answer was here The answer was close The answer was me The answer was tough So I decided to write this down Maybe a way to tell about It was like I was being drowned I could fight, but couldn't shout The help I had from you Was all I ever need But still took me sometime To cauterize the bleed And now that my wounds, Are all being healed I will go as far As far as I can see Perfect things Perfect life There was no reason There was no sign I wonder why Should I survive? I hope you understand It's just a waste of time! I don't know why Would I survive? Maybe one day I'll comprehend I won't say goodbye! How could I Manage to survive? I hope you understand This confessions of a sad man!




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