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Banda LOWD

Banda LOWD

Cidade/EstadoRio de Janeiro / RJ

Uncertainty - Acoustic

Composição: Raphael Matheus de Paula Barbara

I used to wake up ready I used to fight and never quit I used to be the one The one you needed I've been lost in my own mind I've been searching without commitment I've been trying to be Again, the one you needed I don't know where I've changed And I can't precise at what time But I know that at this moment I'm not the same guy And through this discovery of my own I've lost friends and loved ones Because I didn't know Didn't know what to do It's not like we have a button That could trigger our feelings on And set them the way The way we liked They just appear out of nowhere A bad and coward surprise And leave us without saying A fucking goodbye A fucking goodbye So now everything has changed The everyday of my life And I don't know where to steer I'm living paralyzed I used to know where I wanted to get I used to know every step of mine I used to be there At the right time




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