Bravery Branded

Bravery Branded

Cidade/EstadoTorres / RS

Marching Alone

Composição: Eduardo Munari

Last in line, lost in time Are you sure you can stand up to fight? Life´s turning, dream´s burning The fear of oblivion puts out young lights Will you stand your ground? Will you stand your way when all your friends go astray? Chorus Rock hard and ride free Just march alone to victory Don't give up, don't give in Just march alone to win Don´t fear no heart ache Hard as a stone you can make You know what the life means Just fight for your dreams Last in time, keep the line Will you leave your dreams to join their game? No personality, no identity They´re only numbers, not more names Will you keep your faith? Will you keep your dream? Can you row against the stream? Repeat chorus




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