Bravery Branded

Bravery Branded

Cidade/EstadoTorres / RS

Only Death We Can't Mend

Composição: Eduardo Munari

Sometimes dark thoughts rise in your mind The life becomes black and the way you can´t find Confused by the doubt you fear to try Shadows grow in the way, you don´t dare to defy The hordes of chaos are playing some trick The fight becomes harder and you feel weak Fear of the defeat it´s hanging your neck The pressure is like a million guns at your back Oh, the way out you can´t find Oh, if despair takes your mind Oh, look inside your soul Oh, you´re stronger than you know CHORUS On your knees you´re just left to die It´s your life, you stand or cry Don´t surrender before the real end Only death we can´t mend Life´s pre-arranged, someone may say If you´re destined for something, you can´t change the way But in crystal balls and clairvoyants, can you believe? A glimpse of the future can they really give? I´ll say you some words and these you must mark The fire still lives even into a spark There´s no triumph without a fight You gotta believe, it shall be yours by right Oh, the doubts can detain Oh, despair brings the pain Oh, the fear won´t let you be Oh,a a brave heart sets you free REPEAT CHORUS




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