Bravery Branded

Bravery Branded

Cidade/EstadoTorres / RS

True Over All

Composição: Eduardo Munari

We are livin´ in the age of greed Where the wild and the pure bleed Minds are ruled by commercial lies The dream of youth dies But some spirits stand up and shout And their flames no one can put out They don´t care about society Long live the free Decision is a hammer, decision is a shield Hearts are the targets and minds are battlefields Union makes the power, united we´ll not fall Write it on the walls, we´re one for all CHORUS: Renegade - listen to me March on for liberty True over all We´ve got the balls The system took the soul of the weak Stupid cattle, now you´ll live like a freak But the rebels always walk and smile Never out of style Life puts our hearts to the test Hesitate and you´re not gonna last But they cannot tame a wild soul Let´s rock´n´roll Determination - you´ll hit the finish line Renegades rise - ´cos you were made to shine We´ve got the power to break down the walls Screaming for freedom in the schools and shopping malls REPEAT CHORUS




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