Bravery Branded

Bravery Branded

Cidade/EstadoTorres / RS

Wolves in Heaven

Composição: Eduardo Munari

WOLVES IN HEAVEN They are marching to bring you a word Believe it or they´ll show you the sword Converting pagans to their game Kneel and praise some holy name It doesn´t matter the color of your skin If you don´t trust their God they call it a sin Blind fanatics fighting for a blind faith And for a difference they hate Knights of the cross or just assassins Will your lord forgive all your sins? Dead on the cross He watches and cries You´ve turned his truth into lies CHORUS In heaven they believe But the hell they give The holy words they learn But the homes they burn They show you a Bible with thrill But just for a difference of opinion they kill They want your money, so they hide All the truth you need is inside Only their creed is true and strong Only they are never wrong Keepers of the God´s rage Only they know the message They say their god´s the only one, the correct The other ones don´t deserve their respect Too many religions selling the paradise The hell in a good disguise REPEAT CHORUS




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