Deserto Moai

Cidade/EstadoBrasília / DF

Early Riser

Composição: Artur Bugarin, Pedro Caprini, Rafael Baêta, Tom Filho, Wellington Duarte, Miguel Camel

When the day is done Colours make their way Through an endless sky Build a fire let your world become one with this place and time Someone told me It's hard to believe This could end Afraid to love And dance in the rain Now they live Like tomorrow exists Sleeping underneath the ceilings they've built On a bed made of dreams When the crash of the city lights Blinded your heart, clouded your eyes Let the wind on a rainy day Wash it away There was a time when we were guided by the stars Then we made ‘em gods And gods make their own ways Alone in the Sun When the stars on a starry night Lighten up your heart Divide your eyes Let your words blow in the wind It will sing to you Sweet melodies




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