Deserto Moai

Cidade/EstadoBrasília / DF


Composição: Artur Bugarin, Pedro Caprini, Rafael Baêta, Tom Filho, Wellington Duarte, Miguel Camel

Lying on the grass We look deep into the big blue sky Waiting for another morning to begin The endless horizon Somehow feels so close With thunder moving at the speed of sound Running miles and miles From a distance, you’re standing still Feels like a drop of water in the rain Listen to your dreams They are fading as you walk away Wandering on a road Where the years pass us by Moving at the speed of light Mountains will rise and fall While the night turns into day You cross the river and you’re not the same You may drink this water But time, through our hands, slips away From the beginning to the end And the cold stream waters They will all disappear Before we can see We exist in now and here Watch the distant times As you walk into a starry night? Constellations are Now strangers in the dark In the arms of this eternal night Our cradle and our grave Know we'll never be the same After the world is over Set our sails against the howling wind the howling wind... I asked mother Earth "Can we survive?" But this time I see the struggle in her eyes The thunder In the vastness of space And the immensity of time Wanted you to know We always come and go And it's my joy to share with you A life in this world




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