Deserto Moai

Cidade/EstadoBrasília / DF


Composição: Artur Bugarin, Pedro Caprini, Rafael Baêta, Tom Filho, Wellington Duarte

I’m walking alone on the road that leads to a circle of stones Remaining of times long gone There are mystic glyphs Carved into the walls of this old labyrinth Which others may call a myth Then I see a well from where comes a sound resembling a weird spell In ways that I couldn’t tell The water is clear, but all that sinks in it suddenly disappears Although the bottom seems near Whispers calling in the dark Echoes coming from a distant landmark Try to reach out for the light Bringing on with them the night Then within this rash of sound Hear a voice that takes my feet off the ground Like the wind, it blows my thoughts away In my heart I feel the urge To go astray Then I see there is a way out Something makes me wanna stay So I look up at the stars above my head And the maze, it starts to fall down Like teardrops shed Everything is in your mind.




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