Imagem de capa de Deserto Moai

Deserto Moai

Cidade/EstadoBrasília / DF


Composição: Artur Bugarin, Pedro Caprini, Rafael Baêta, Tom Filho, Wellington Duarte

So they all left to the other side of the land leaving their homes behind through the coasts and waterfalls towards the promise of new better lands From the ocean came A shadow that painted the rising Sun in red You brought the beginning of the end I haven’t got the time to explain I came from a world you would not understand You say We came to set the land of the free Now we need you to be slaves to our dreams When the dawn came Our bodies were fading like tears in the rain Ascending to the sky someone begged please don't leave me behind A brave came running into the eye of the storm His last words were You cannot kill me From the mountains we were born out of a dying star and once more we’ll be free




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