Imagem de capa de Dezordi


Cidade/EstadoRio de Janeiro / RJ

Kaleidoscope Display

Composição: Dezordi.
I was there in a trance Only you will understand Had no mattress there, just you and I And the chairs and the sky Just you and I It was no time to be shy It was time to stop the time It was time to join your body and mine And feel the tears in our eyes Just you and I Exhilaration, thrill Immersed in our senses Making love real Lost in a dance Staring at the stars Entangled and blessed Not seeing the scars That time would confess That was the night That was worth a year And it still shines although I’m here Blind to the light, far from it all Deaf to any whisper and Dumb to a call The steel gates that slammed When you went away So easily opened up today Brought by the wind The scene remains It lives through the years In our kaleidoscope display




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