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Electric Gypsy

Electric Gypsy

EstiloHard Rock
Cidade/EstadoBelo Horizonte / MG

The Devil Made Me Do It

Composição: Guzz Collins-Nolas-Robert Zimmerman-Pete

The Devil Made Me Do It My heart is on fire My sins have made me burn Secret, eyes, desire Guess I’ll never learn Oh hell, I am coming In the darkness way below Oh! No! The devil made me do it Oh! Yeah! It lives inside my head Oh! No! The devil made me do it Oh! Yeah! My devil drives me mad! I still remember When I saw her across the room Her evil smile hit me And sent me out to doom She’s an evil angel That came straight from hell I’m tied up through her spell I hear the hangman calling Think that I must go Oh, hell I’m coming In darkness way below [Chorus] But when she calls my name There’s no one else to blame Nobody’s fault but mine For me it’s all the same! [Chorus] I hear you calling in the dead of the night You know you can sleep at all




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