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Elephant Casino

Cidade/EstadoBelo Horizonte / MG

Life Of Treasures

Composição: Filipe Marks, Rafael Fajardo, Diego Sans, Joey Soolo

I’ve just begun to think about these passing days. Time has gone by, it’s brought about all these mistakes. It's a treasure Reading all these letters written deeply in my soul A Kind of pleasure, searching for what I am Clouds of the past I can't explain my love for rain. Forgiveness to the child for trying his best. I’m searching for healing through unspoken feelings That’s a treasure Ancient signs engraved so deeply in my soul. A taste of pleasure, reaching for myself. We're moving on tracing footprints, in space and time. ‘Till all is done, we're all dying stars, in the night sky. I'm so high, high, high... High enough to fall! Life of treasures, I’m writing pages bound so deep within my soul. It’s such a pleasure, diving into myself. All this life in me!




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