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Fenrir's Scar

Fenrir's Scar

Cidade/EstadoCampinas / SP

Beneath The Skin

Composição: Fenrir's Scar (André Baida & Desireé Rezende)

Living a life thru vivid dreams Hovering over the clouds Seeing the world behind a raven's eye The beast, kin of the morning star Owner of an unbreakable skin Raging through the battle and fire No man can take me down [Pre-Chorus] Hear the call heaven sent on my wild kin I seek for answers Underneath my skin [Chorus] Through their eyes (All through their eyes) Through their minds Starts my hidden life (on my afterlife) Through their eyes (All through their eyes) Through their minds will seek eternity on my afterlife The fury, the hunger behind yellow eyes I feel the taste of blood in my mouth Leading the pack, I see through its eyes As we howl to the moonlight While my body weakens My consciousness survived Within this untamed shell I feel the host beneath the skin greeting souls on the surface It leads the way, it eases the pain My soul wandering, till it see the light




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