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Cidade/EstadoAraxá / MG

What's Wrong With That

Composição: Asger Lund johnsen, Natascha

What’s wrong with that I like to sleep until late I like to sleep in the left side in the bed What’s wrong with this What’s wrong with this I lake to smoke some green When I’m down.. I like to sing a song With the sound What’s wrong ... You say there something wrong with this I like to ride My Horse at midnight Go hunt Wild boar .... with my dog Eat Than with my kids By the fire in the wild I’d like to talk real lower I’d like to talk real lowww I like to talk when I have a little crowd No big crowd What’s wrong with this... I like to Break your roles When they don’t make sense Don’t thing I’m a full Just cause I have better plans then you What’s wrong with this...




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