Headway- project

Headway- project

EstiloPop Rock
Cidade/EstadoVotorantim / SP

Give up

Composição: Rafael Angelo

I thought about the words I heard from you You've just lost your grip. I've got a thousand reasons To get you out of my life and of my mind You're messy and you don't deserve me Baby You've just wasted my time (BRIDGE) Now there's nothing that you can do You deserve to live the blues I've got sick and now I've got the chance to be free Give me a break I gave you up for good (CHORUS) ( When you follow me ) 2X I said there's nothing left to say Then I'll just get away... from you You just wanna fly under my wings You thought that I wouldn't bite It's not so hard to change the things Even if you try, I said you're not my kind I gave you the chance to change, but you never gave a shit for anything (BRIDGE) - (CHORUS) - SOLO... And now I know you've never felt love You're just pretending and it's been for so long You've tried to get the light from my Sun But as you can see it's not for anyone (CHORUS) 2X




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