Cidade/EstadoRio de Janeiro / RJ

Don't Break Me Down

Composição: Hunna

Taking the road and going out somewhere Trying hard to believe that you will be there Signs are flying by like they were not there I’m just rolling and rolling I hit the gas at 90 miles an hour Watching the desert and not a single flower City lights are fading in the background As I’m heading away into something new These past few days Have brightened thoughts in my mind I try to look for courage but I just can’t find Don’t break me down ‘Cause every breath that I have Left in me belongs to you Don’t break me down ‘Cause if you were to leave me baby, I would have nothing else to lose Trying to see what’s backing up your reason Hoping this has been a stormy season Maybe tomorrow holds another chapter To the story I hope will carry on This endless road Is taking me places unknown And what will come to be remains in secrecy




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