Ise Nigga

Cidade/EstadoRio de Janeiro / RJ

Walk is on the rap

Composição: Ise Rodrigues (Ismael Rodrigues)

somebody slow the go for where bitch ? this sounds wonder walk wanna level me know get roll know flow the low on mic walk is on the rap,with the rap be on the club niggaz is on know cry bull is on me need no lucky ashes in home me never blow fire well is on hope me need summer lovely i stole roll for thang in a home four sang stop for me the close and i hope say is over half me whats know i gotta me,thang stop for break melt anything bitch is on the money and break ever you go and need you wait for love and trick blow awake know lie but you end need do try i guess so hide my niggaz is wont to try as not dropes so happy i woulds so ready know so blind enough for the mind and bouts so better you know the hitech wants so legal wants my roll soul body you really is gonna roll just wanna blow thang when nigga by over just anything its on a hold lady my roll but this right really need ,my look's somebody i know wich a got with hold soul love me why no ohther clube ,i over over me now about other club we crip no high the one way in this against in the hold soul fly is a homie wich explore a dope and no wich is on desire about weed so thang any work for me dog no what thang wich a one for me dog a need small work for me look a wonder thang but you should ready got end last make do and i not




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