Imagem de capa de Jacu Eletrônico

Jacu Eletrônico

Cidade/EstadoCuritiba / PR

Our Nest

Composição: Tio Tonho Champoski, Eugênio Fim

Our Nest - Jacu Eletrônico When I was a kid, I used to fly My wings were gray sprouted from my ribs When I was in the sky When I was in the heavens You would wave from the ground I’ve been around the world When I came back to get you Were no longer on the ground You learned how to fly, You learned how to fly My feathers were no longer as strong as before but I can still fly and I flew, I'll find you behind a white cloud or on top of a mountain Resting after a long flight let's fly, let's fly, to the end together Let's fly, let's fly, let's fly, Then we will return to our nest but now let's fly, let's fly, let's fly,




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