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Jim Jeans

Jim Jeans

Cidade/EstadoColatina / ES

The Doors

Composição: Jean Meneghelli

We've been just passing lately Amongst the streets of blue Even knowing that we are In the weirdest part of love There's barely talking right now But we can feel it in the air If we don't open up now We'll close all of the doors Forever, forever The Doors, forever In all the signs of the city I see your eyes on me But I'm ashamed to say things And I don't even know why Let's jump into the pool Of black and acid water Cause if we keep together The Doors will open Forever, forever The doors forever Uhhh, uhhhh Uhh, uh, uhhhh Uhhh, uhhhh Uhh, uh, uhhhh Os tempos mudam de vez em quando Mas vamos nos adaptar Eu sei, eu sei There's barely talking right now But we are still together If I smile to you now Things will only Get better, get better The doors remain But we can open up Together, together The doors Forever




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