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EstiloNew Metal
Cidade/EstadoRio de Janeiro / RJ

Old Virus

Composição: Alexandre Rodrigues, Gabriel de Jong, Rodrigo Pagliusi, Henrique Pereira.
The new virus spread through the air The old one through the air waves We would avoid going out there But the old one sneaked into our places A form of cancer, hard to kill The treatment could damage The healthy part of us But we can not let it spread Through our screens Into our brains Wash the insides Creating slaves Like a dream within a dream You think you've been awaken But you entered a coma Sleepwalking, sleepwalking Used by cult leaders The virus is insidious Abused by cult leaders The followers, delirious From Salem to Zion Hysteria and conspiracy theories Have drew blood In countless times in history And they use the same old tropes Again, again, and they still work Is there any medicine Is there a vaccine How can we silence the lies Without giving up our freedom To someone who will decide What is the truth and what isn't That's the flipside The enemy comes from within Holding double edge swords We walk a fine line Between civic speech And the big lie Between Newspeak And the house Where facts apply




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