Imagem de capa de Kargyr



Spice I - Coagulate

Here I stand In this hall Facing the burning eyes Of my creator It is my doom My burden to carry The seeing eye A vision of misery Reptilian Forced awakening Lifted up by this substance I'm Shivering I am seizuring My soul is burning The source of agony Is in me Waiting You You have the power Yet you Inflict the pain Oh Shine, Grasp Do not linger Peace Is in the palm of your hand Agony is king The substance Possesses my body Lifted up I plunge into eternity The creator God of Suffering Gaze upon me As I fly convulsing The vision brightens Smokes clears out A Holy war A WAR IN MY NAME I hold my feet Deep in the Ground I'm sinking with shame betrayed by the future Seeking Alone in the Dark I am the king and the blade Far Away from the Ark I know what I have to claim I I am the scepter And I See through the pain No man, land, Beyond my martyr Sand Delivers and Curses




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