Cidade/EstadoBelo Horizonte / MG


Composição: Liatris

I will not strip off fantasy as you demand Your pulse will show when your mind flows There is no turning back Defy all my balance Throw me kisses while I dream of you You would have been the one to flee if you had the chance We're trapped inside my paradise And I cannot stop Let all the lights go off Just take me in, run me inside Reflections of our inner distress In the fast pace we walk With all the beauty, glamour and splendour I wanna hold them forever and never let the mirror fall Hold my hand and it will not go The light will blind us, the pressure destroys But I feel you flow in my hands I hear you laugh in my head And it feels so right Exaggerate and demonstrate it We have craved for so long Hysteria will fulfill the blanks So lets run by the river Please, don't look back Run by the river Please, don't_ Never wake me up Just never let me see




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