Lindsay & Isaac

Cidade/EstadoFlorianópolis / SC

No Angels To Hold You

Composição: Lindsay Korth / Isaac Silva

Today I'm deeply sad, my heart is empty 'cos we've lost you You've gone so suddenly I broke down and cried, though my tears touch the ground It's hard to me believe that you're not here I remember those times we used to spend together Just friends under the sun, you were so young Suddenly your life was taken in a stupid moment Oh, your breath just went away You fell down, is sad believe that you're gone Why did it happen? I'm not sure Dear son (he said), dear son I'm sorry I've made mistakes I'm just a man who wouldn't make the same Dear son, I can't believe in what I see I lost your smile Just can't explain how I miss you I wish I could be down there and hold you in my arms And now my nights are weird lonely and sad My pillow and my face are wet I cry but my tears could never bring you back…to me How it hurts to say goodbye.




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