Lovely Hatred

Lovely Hatred

Cidade/EstadoVárzea da Palma / MG

Daily ritual

Composição: João Victhor da Paz Campos.
I cannot sleep down this night I feel like it could carry me inside With those eyes bleeding bright And that cold voice deep right inside You cannot carry me to wherever you want My thirst is all based in liberty I gotta find a way somehow To stop all this ritual All my pain could all be solved like With a cup of whisky this night I don’t know where to go with all this Bright colored light Nothing seem to matter anymore I can’t be no more right away from you You just don’t seem to realize What I really need is some of you I gotta find the answers of my questions I need to question the means to survive I’ve gotta know whats going on When I’m not on the control When I don’t control myself And now I have to restart again Again and again this dolorous pain Nothing to win nothing to gain, I feel, I’m strained! I’m chained in what happen today The past doesn’t seem to behave I’ve lost some day what gave me the hope Tomorrow I’ll get it all again




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