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LOW Embryonic Cells
Low Embryonic Cells was formed in September 2012 by Rodney Marcellus and his faithful friend, Peterson Geochland after departure from the band Chaotic Images ….

Reasons for the still unknown exit, however, Rodney Marcellus invited Peterson Geochland to perform experimental work ….. But in October of that year they released single "Live Or Die In Your Branches", which attracted much attention, with over-voices opposite, steric Rodney Marcellus, and rough sounding …. marked by synthesizers, and strong battery marking and down …..

With single success, the duo decided to start the first album recordings, Rodney Marcellus and Peterson Geochland playing all instruments …. "In October 2012, comes out first Ep titled band" FORGETFULNESS "with catchy sound, in great phrases drum and bass, and covered with synthesizers, guitars and ...

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