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Lunatics In Poetry

Lunatics In Poetry

Cidade/EstadoSão Paulo / SP


Composição: Vinicius Costa

Night time, it's been a while Since the last time I could close my eyes And wake up with the light from the sun It's always dark, and silent I hear my breath for a moment And I get up once again I live by night time I see myself on the water But it's still hard to know what I am Could you stop throwing rocks at me Hate is so easy to feel But it's not what I want I want peace, I want you and me Start a war, and lose it People die 'cause you choose it Why does it have to be like this? I live by night time My dearly beloved I'm falling, falling, into darkness And there is nothing or no one to get me out of here Diving, slowly diving I cannot escape, It's a heavy weight Diving, slowly diving Save me, save me I live by night time




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