Cidade/EstadoRio de Janeiro / RJ

Hard to Believe

Composição: Lyria

Once again I’m lost in this crazy train Puzzling my mind I cannot put these thoughts aside I am getting insane With things I cannot change Feeling impotent About what I can’t control Late at night I try to sleep But it is taking over my mind It is hard to believe Drowning in a lie I try to free me But it consumes my mind It is hard to believe Feeling the fear Ripping and running through my veins This anxiety Is like a voice without a face So insecure The voice wants me to crawl Hell is my home Will I escape or will I fall? Living in this cage With lies, every day and night The voice wants to feed me The voice wants me to believe That I will never succeed But my struggle won’t be in vain Someday my voice will be louder And the voice without a face Will fade away




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