Cidade/EstadoRio de Janeiro / RJ

The Phoenix Cry

Composição: Lyria, Celo Oliveira

Sometimes I feel I am lost in time Too much pain, so many lies Violence is increasing, values are missing People are drowned in slime From time to time I am probably lost in my mind A place to live is what I’m trying to find Where purity exists and I don’t have to hide I am waiting for paradise Look at the phoenix in the sky It knows it is the last flight Nobody wants to keep it alive When they hear the phoenix cry All the time I feel I am losing my life Too much sickness, so much crime Fear rules, life is cruel People seem so blind It’s a hard duty, when people are guilty And nobody knows what is right The phoenix is overloaded Cause it tried to heal the world This time I feel I’m losing this fight I was trying to change them But time is running out It’s time to sacrifice Time to say goodbye




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