Marcos Bentes

Cidade/EstadoVitória / ES

Walking In Fermatta

Composição: Marcos Bentes

In preparing this song we have the basic sound produced domestically during a visit to the exhibition "fermata" of the Museum Vale in Vila Velha, in charge of artists / graffiti artists OSGEMEOS. Walking through the space, in the sound and noises produced by the sensations of the presents, I added "the heartbeat sound" before entering (inside the theme "Wanting Place", musician Nawang Khechog, CD Sounds of Peace, 2010). Opposed to the dialogue of the "bigger heads", I added a sound, properly "worked", about the themes: "No time or space" (Electronic Sound, George Harrison, 1996), Fugitive (An Anthology of Chinese Experimental Music, Torturing Nurse, 2006), the noise produced through the anxious "little dog" in the need a walk (Magali, Schnauzer, 2011), Getting Better (Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, the Beatles, 1967). In walking around the "kombi", with all the visual journey that reminds us of the schools of British artists (King Features) who composed the Yellow Submarine design (based on "Fantasia", the work of Walt Disney), digested anthropophagically through the osgemeos and your team (remembering the Tropicália, Art Modern Week); was worked together the sounds presented by springs, sprockets, bearings, fittings, etc., harmonized by sounds scanned with excerpts from the soundtrack "Almost Alice" in the movie Alice in Wonderland (Tim Burton, 2010), in line with The End (Abbey Road, The Beatles, 1969). Leaving the space "kombi" and into the path to the "closet", we have the big finale with a set of all the sounds presented, recorded and mastered, plus own works produced during electroacustic music epoch (the musician andre-da-gama with sraga # 1 and others, 2007).




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