Martinn & Valley

Cidade/EstadoGramado / RS

In These Days

Composição: Martinn & Valley

IN THESE DAYS Martinn & Valley G D/F# Desert streets G/C Only birds on the squares G D/F# The empty bench in the fog G/C Where lovers sat before G D/F# The lonely nights G/C Just some few lights G D/F# From windows somewhere C D There’s no moonlight G D/F# / In these days G/C D4 D Nothing is the same G D/F# But keep your faith G/C D G (intro) You and I we’ll be OK / G D/F# In the big city G/C And in the country side G D/F# Just the sound of the wind G/C Silence hurts sometimes Part 2 Bridge: Em C Em Something is in the air C Em And we can’t see Bm Young and old C Rich and poor Am D We’re all the same Am D In these days Solo Bridge Refrain 2x




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