Martinn & Valley

Martinn & Valley

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Someone Will Be There

Composição: Martinn & Valley

Someone will be there Martinn & Valley In the nights, only stars in the sky The street lights still shine They always have to move on No matter how cold is outside Some don’t see the light of the day Fot two, three or more days Some don’t see their own family It was a choice that they made / Someone will be there, all the time Someone will be there, that’s the truth Someone will be there, they never hide Someone will be there, just to help you / Dinner has to wait one more time The lights was on in the room Awake for nights, and it’s alright They won’t be home anytime soon Vacation trips were left behind Work on holidays one more time Work hard every day and night Our greatest asset is life Some call them angels Some call them heroes They are in the front line Anywhere, anytime




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