Imagem de capa de Men and Camels
Men and Camels

Men and Camels

Cidade/EstadoTatuí / SP

Space Invader

Composição: Dan Prudente, Joe Jr, Rod Jr

Say a prayer, I think we have a failure Statesmen cramming hard on holly paper Keep your mind back from the space invaders I'm coming home Play the clown inside the horror circus By the time you’re falling down in circles Face the age full of null cool knowledge It’s closing in (Refrão) Say a prayer, say all prayers Craw a long entire way to mars Say a prayer, slay the layers of my soul Pure blood horses fancy no starvation Feed some ration to the population Now sing this anthem for this Mr Tamer “Get Out” Quit the lacking for the vindicator and Bring your eyes around the inner saviour Gather all your traits of super nature You’re not another big building being built by this big bad town (Refrão) Liars and thieves You’re not pushing me Down the abyss Do I make myself clear? Or this will kill us all (Refrão)




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