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Rafael Mendes

Rafael Mendes

Cidade/EstadoSão Paulo / SP

Elixir Of Life

Composição: Rafael Mendes.
Perception is reality The more you remember The greater life can be I know I know That I may sound insane But after This song Your life won’t be the same I know I know You think your life is short But don’t be Confused That’s just memory loss So, let’s make some memories tonight Memories tonight The elixir of life That’s just the elixir of life You take my hand Guide me through the night Spin around Hold me close Put your head right next to mine I give you this feeling You ain’t never found before No reason to fear it When love is in the air Cause baby with you I feel like I’m dreaming Making the elixir of life When you’re by my side We’re making memories tonight We’re making memories tonight Making the elixir of life I told you girl “Your life won’t be the same” Bite my bottom lip down I catch your tongue running around So, tell me now If you think your life is short While dragging me down With some love making sounds I know I know You’ve got new memories So, enjoy Them girl Cause those they came from me




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