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Mind Reverse

Cidade/EstadoMaringá / PR


Composição: Mind Reverse

Another boy has been shot down in a hill It was not my trigger, so this guilt I won't feel And now a mother is crying over a body in the street But I am one in a million, so this coffin I won't lift Another child is dying on a hospital aisle I'm not the only one who took that money away Again a humble have been injured by innocence He should have more attention, I have a clean conscience A little one with a gun, far away from the school It's not a problem of mine, cause I am not a fool So once again my violence get's someone This is the only path for me, I am not the only one I close my eyes for all I don't wanna see Internal conscience, why are you staring at me? Look at this world, I'm just one, so small Could I really be making a difference at all? Do I make a difference at all? Oh, I'm no the only one I'm not the only one




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