Imagem de capa de Nilton Sousa

Nilton Sousa

Cidade/EstadoTeixeira de Freitas / BA

The Ballad You And I

Composição: Nilton Sousa, Ina Rusu

1. Male voice: In a love story, a story of you and I You are my memory of the brightest shine... On our sea shore, at dusk, walking hand in hand Into the sweetest love sounds of the summer wind... 2. Female voice: At the time, in the waves of the deep blue sea I could see clearly the chance of you and me ... I can still hear the sound of your voice so calm ... It is still my oasis, my dream ... Chorus (male and female): You and I Learnt like birds to fly Over life's storm, so high ... Only you and I ... 3. Female voice: You're my safe harbour in storm, you are my home. We created a dream life of our own. Even days, even years fade away, I see Perfect colors on the canvas of you and me ... 4. Male voice: When you're not here and I cannot find my place With a thought I try to catch you and embrace ... Far away or right here with me, we are one. Our souls for a lifetime entwine ... Chorus: ... ... ...




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