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Patricia Fawkes

Patricia Fawkes

Cidade/EstadoSão Paulo / SP

I Wasn't There (Piano Version)

Composição: Patrícia de Mello Lima

The plane landed now, cold wind is blowing It's the weather in this town, the fog is coming I’ ve been waiting too long to forgive What can we do to release? But even with an ocean between us Until all the water turns to dust You can count on me anytime Please, never say goodbye When you were lost there was nothing to guide you When you won I didn’t share your brightness When you cried I couldn’ t come through When you laughed I couldn't laugh with you When you were sad I couldn't hold you tight I wasn't there to tell you is alright Almost ruined it all including your self esteem Facing a free fall inside of me Why you are so cruel when you're alone? Let it heal and just let it go Can you fill me up night and day? Hear me now, listen what I say Leaves are blowing, wind is the master of a gentle disaster that brings you to me Touch me, hold me, many years are gone




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