Imagem de capa de Patricia Fawkes
Patricia Fawkes

Patricia Fawkes

Cidade/EstadoSão Paulo / SP

It's All About Me

Composição: Patrícia de Mello Lima

I get on my knees looking for a sign I never see so hard to find An empty heart trying to be kind A concealed gloom trying to spark I took a breath in then a breath out I nearly died so it is fine Levitating sounds nice getting rid of the weight so I can fly Through the walls Through the doors Every night, the same a hide and seek game Every night it cries I see you later, goodbye Living on the edge gambling my life away But guess what I learned, from digging inside, it’s all about me but it is fine so let’s get started once again Through the walls Through the doors My conclusion, therefore What else could it be? Looking for love is our destiny




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